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Multi-class Characters are totally different. There is no penalty to XP for multi-classing. It is too restrictive and makes creating interesting characters too complex and not worth it. The Favored Class bonus is now replaced by Pathfinder’s.

Class and Cross-class skills are changed. Class Skills are things that are easier for your class to do, but not necessarily what they choose to do. They cost 1 Skill Point to purchase and the Maximum Rank is your level +3. Cross Class Skills are things that pretty much anyone can do, but typical members of your class stray from, even if they could easily have a talent for them. The Maximum Rank for Cross Class Skills is equal to your Level.

Language are completely changed. I actually am using a system from another DM who has an account on Obsidian Portal. All Credit for what this next page goes to Accomplice .


Fighters, Rangers, and Paladins use the Pathfinder Core Rule Book rules instead of the D&D Player’s Handbook. Paladins still have Turn Undead rather than Channel Positive Energy. Fighters and Paladins also gain 4 + Int Modifier Skill points per level. Use the normal D&D class skills and skills. Rangers gain an Animal Companion at level 1 rather than level 4.


Turn Undead is also reworked. You make a Caster Level Check, and that determines how many Undead you can affect within a 60 ft radius. You then roll 2d6+Cha and deal that much damage to each undead, affecting the weakest first.

The Spontaneous Wizard Specialists (Dread Necromancer, Beguiler, Battlemage) all have the medium base attack bonus.

Wizards only have 1 restricted school rather than 2.

On every 5th level Sorcerers gain the ability to cast 1 spell as a Spell-like Ability a number of times per day equal to their Charisma Modifier. At level 5, you must select a level 1 Spell. At 10 you can select a 1 or a 2. At 15 you can choose a 1, 2, or 2. At 20 you can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Druids are very reworked. They use the Shapeshift variant from PHB 2, but they also get an animal companion at 4th level. To compensate, they gain the spell progression and spells known as a Bard. They no longer have spells beyond 6th level. If you want to play a more casting based Druid, they are called Shamans, and they have an Animal Companion at level 2 and Full Casting, but no Shapeshifting. They also gain access to any one Cleric Domain and the bonus spells from that domain.

Positive and Negative Energy Spells are considered Neutral. Just because it damages one type of creature does not make it evil or good. The Positive Energy Plane kills any creature not acclimated to it.


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